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fish passage conference

Dating back to 2011, the annual Fish Passage Conference has brought together experts, managers, stakehold­ers and companies from around the world with concurrent sessions in engineering, biology, and management and social issues.  Target audiences are: engineers, ecologists, biologists, managers, practitioners, NGOs, private companies, consultants, students and policy and deci­sion makers. This event aims at increasing research and profes­sional networking and is an ex­cellent opportunity to connect future partners.



The host for Fish Passage 2022 is the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Hosts change every year.  The conference series is overseen by a Steering Committee, members of which belong to the American Fisheries Society Bioengineering Section / American Society of Civil Engineers Environmental and Water Resources Institute Joint Committee on Fisheries Engineering and Science.  If you are interested in hosting a future event, please reach out to the Steering Committee.